Week 2 Classmate Interview- Conner Hawks

This week in Art 110, I had the pleasure of interviewing my fellow classmate, Conner Hawks. This is Conner’s second year attending California State University Long Beach and he is majoring in the art that is film. Upon asking him why he decided

Conner Hawkes beside an interesting work of art.
Conner Hawks beside an interesting work of art.

to pursue a major in film, he replied that he is fascinated with the field, stating that those who obtain a major in film live famously. Instead of making movies or operating the camera, Conner finds interest in the business side of film, such as being an agent or a manager for a potential star. Aside from his academic life, Conner has traveled to many countries around the world while he was deployed in the military for three years, the Coastguard branch. Conner enjoyed being in the military because of the connection he had with his comrades and because of the places he got to travel to, such as the country of Costa Rica, where he enjoyed surfing. Despite Conner’s love of being in the military, it was not always cheerful since some of the places he was deployed to included Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After his service with the military was over, Conner found it arduous to adapt to the civilian life yet was able to do so after some time, where he then enrolled in CSULB.

Arguably, the military played a role in making Conner into the person that he is today, for he is of a strong character and loves the outdoors. Since Conner spends a lot of time outside, his hobbies include snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and scuba diving; he will be a certified scuba diver in the month of March. Conner has never sky-dived but it is definitely something that he wants to do in the future. When Conner is not spending time outside, he enjoys watching movies, the movies “Saving Private Ryan” being his favorite and “Fox Catcher” being his least favorite. Conner’s parents were born in England and he was born in the United States, and although he is their only child, Conner has two stepsisters. Conner has traveled to England as well, and as a consequence of his constant traveling, he has tasted many foreign dishes. Conner’s favorite dish happens to be the Japanese dish of Sushi, and his least favorite food is Indian food, due to its spiciness. Conner’s traveling has gained him knowledge of many countries and of their culture but not of their language, for he is monolingual. He, however, would like to learn Spanish because it is very useful. Learning more about Conner, he confessed that he prefers animals over people (dogs in particular) because they are much more gentle; Conner rescued the four-year-old Rottweiler/German Shepherd dog mix that he has today from a pound.

The Art of Painting
A passionate artist.

When asked about art, Conner admitted that he himself is not very artistic and does not understand why anyone would purchase a piece of art for thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Although Conner himself is not artistic, his favorite forms of art happen to be film, photography, and sculpting. Conner may not be passionate about art but he admires the passion that the artists themselves possess, saying that it is wonderful how they manage to create the art they do. Overall, Conner may not be artistic and may not create art himself, but he has deep admiration for those who do and the works of art created by such artists.

It was a pleasure to interview Conner Hawks and to learn about his background, his interests, and his plans for the future. Conner and I are very different people in many aspects, but just like Conner’s admiration for artists despite their differences, I too admire Conner’s background and the things he has accomplished and will accomplish. I find it amazing that a man as young as Conner has seen many countries of the world and has had many adventures in the military and while hiking, surfing, and skydiving, things which I have never done. Like Conner, I too am fond of animals, especially dogs, and wish to sky dive one day. It is fascinating to hear about the things that others have done, things that differ from one’s self; it makes one realize that everyone is different and has different experiences, making one appreciate what others have done and gone through. Conner’s strong character and background are definitely aspects of his being to admire.


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