Week 2 Activity- Painting

After viewing some interesting videos on Tuesday in Art 110 about painting and graffiti, it was time for us, the students of Art 110, to go out and try graffiti art for ourselves. To be quite honest, I was skeptical about the entire activity because I could not travel to Venice Beach due to my job and I did not want to spend money on spray cans, but like on most things that I am skeptical about, I ended up enjoying the activity. It felt great to try something different and artistic, especially since I am majoring in mathematics, and while I enjoy it and it too can be considered an art, there are many numbers, letters, and calculations. It did not take too long to create my name in graffiti and I felt peaceful, awake, and motivated the entire time that it took to create the artwork. Overall, the activity was an enjoyable one from the beginning to the end.


I began about my work around nine in the morning in my backyard; I gathered my materials and to be candid, I was eager to begin. I did a rough sketch on paper on what I was planning to create but I did not really like what I was seeing; I hoped that the actually graffiti would look better. I have always thought that the colors red and black look awesome together so I painted in these colors. I first tested the cans on the back side of the cardboard and I was dismayed that the result was too wide but nevertheless, I flipped the cardboard over to the clean side and began outlining the letters of name with red and filling them in. imageMy curiosity had returned and I was focused on my work. I then outlined my name in red with the color black and added a three-dimensional effect. Throughout my work, I noticed that I felt at ease and I smiled; I was liking the result. Next, I emphasized the letters by dotting the D’s, the A,  the R, and the O, and the art looked much better. I was happy with the project overall, but I decided to outline my name in the color red, as some videos I saw had suggested.image I was not disappointed by my decision, for I loved the result. After inspecting it for a couple of seconds, I was happy with the result and I left it out in the sun to dry.

Many might, of course, consider my work to be dry or hideous but that does not matter, for I really like it and I never claimed to be an expert; it is not too bad for a rookie! I could have done a better job, however; I could have, for example, taken more time on the project to ensure that the outlining came out nice and curvy, or have painted slower to get better results, or even have gotten a better cardboard box!image Nevertheless, I am happy with the overall result and as I have said, it felt fantastic to try something artistic and that I have not done before. The activity produced a serene and joyful feeling within me; is it any wonder why so many people create this type of art? Of course not, and should I have more cardboard boxes and more colors, I am certain that I would paint graffiti art again, and while I admire the art I did today, I would truly try my best to make my art look more amazing.


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