Week 3 Classmate Interview- Monica Navarro

Monica Navarro smiling

This Thursday at the Art Gallery, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Monica Navarro and learning about her life. Monica is twenty years of age and was born in Bellflower, California, where she attended Bellflower High School from seventh grade to twelfth grade and where she has lived her whole life. Since her parents were born in Mexico, she has traveled there before, and although she desires to travel, Mexico is not one of her favorite options, explaining to me that she feels uneasy just by the passing by of a stranger; I thought it was funny, but it is understandable as to why traveling to Mexico in the present would make anyone feel uneasy. Nevertheless, Monica is majoring in sociology and minoring in criminal justice, but despite this major and minor being her pursuits, she has a great interest for mathematics, telling me that she was excellent at it and that the only reason that she will not major in it is because she feels that it is too late to do so; this Monica’s third year at CSULB. Monica has worked for two years at a park, where activities are held for kids to participate during the summer. Aside from her job, Monica will get a license in realty in the summer; her mom possesses a license in realty and Monica finds realty to be cool.

Getting to know more about Monica, I found out that she is an outdoor person; she loves soccer, knows how to play golf, and likes staying active (no wonder that she works at a park). Humorously, Monica admitted that she loves food and that she will eat anything, particularly pizza from a restaurant called Piology, which happens to be her favorite food. I could not help but chuckle when she said to me that she does not have a least favorite food, emphasizing her love for food. Learning more about Monica, I discovered that she has three other sisters and that she has no brothers; she confessed that she wished to have a brother when she was younger but that she is content with her three sisters, stating that it is awesome that they are all girls. Apart from receiving her license in realty in the summer, Monica desires to enroll in an internship dealing with sociology, an internship that focuses on helping the youth recover from drugs.

When I asked Monica what art is to her, she replied that art is everything; it can be anything. To Monica, art is a form of expression, it is how the artist expresses him/herself. Monica’s favorite forms of art are sculptures and statutes and her least favorite form of art are paintings, especially those resembling portraits in the 1800’s; she argues that they can be pretty boring. Monica has been exposed to art at a young age, for she had an art teacher when she was a small girl who would teach her how to paint on a canvas using brushes. Although she was taught art at a young age, Monica has forgotten most of what she learned, but one can see why when one learns that Monica’s art teacher would take away the brush from Monica and do most of the work.

Monica Navarro and myself

It was a pleasure to speak with Monica, and I wish her a great success for her future. Compared to Conner Hawks, my classmate whom I interviewed last week, Monica and I have many similarities. I too took an interest in sociology and was considering majoring in it after an interesting sociology class but unlike Monica, I am pursuing a major in mathematics. I disagree with Monica when she told me that she finds mathematics interesting yet will not major in it because it is her third year; I believe that if she really enjoys mathematics, that she should major in it, regardless of what year she is in. Many students are always in a rush to graduate but nevertheless, Monica enjoys sociology and can see herself happy in that field. Sociology is indeed an interesting discipline and I admire that Monica plans to get an internship in helping the youth recover from drugs; helping others is what we as people should do. I wish Monica success not just in academics or in future careers, but in everything overall.




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