Week 4 Classmate Interview- Matt Mendez

Matt Mendez approves

While at the art gallery on Thursday, I had the pleasure to interview my fellow classmate, Matt Mendez, and I got to learn about some details of his life. Matt was born in Palmdale, California, yet he attended high school and Orange Coast College in the city of Costa Mesa. Matt attended college as soon as he was done with high school, and after some time, he transferred to CSULB; this is Matt’s third year at CSULB and he is majoring in the interesting field that is history, specifically United States history. Matt loves American history, stating that it is amazing how the nation has developed over centuries, from colonial times to today. I have always questioned history and have believed that it is written by the victor, as the saying goes, and I was intrigued that Matt shared my thoughts. Because of this, Matt wishes to travel to England and study United States history there, not just to explore their perspective on the subject, but to see the historical sites that constitute England, such as its ancient castles.

Aside from academics, Matt loves to sketch and watch professional wrestling on his spare time. Matt has told me that he is somewhat artistic, for he possesses several sketchbooks where he sketches just for fun and he looks forward to drawing our i.d cards for class with glee. I was amused to learn that Matt, just like myself, loves to watch wrestling, particularly World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), because we both felt that it is something that people scoff at; they label WWE as childish or stupid and uphold boxing or Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Nevertheless, Matt’s favorite wrestler is Dolph Ziggler because he feels that he has powerful microphone skills and his least favorite wrestler is The Big Show because Matt feels that the wrestler is past his prime. Although many people seem to spite John Cena, Matt admires everything that the wrestler does outside of the squared-circle, such as participating at the Make A Wish Foundation. Learning more about Matt, I found out that he is twenty-five years of age and has a younger brother. I asked him if he ever wished to have sisters and he replied with a no, stating that he is content with a brother; I could not help but chuckle. Matt is monolingual but would love to learn Spanish in order to communicate with his girlfriend’s family, who are Spanish. Matt has been working part-time for three years as a waiter at a Ruby’s restaurant and hopes to teach United States History in the future.

Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo

It is no surprise that Matt expressed admiration when I asked him about his thoughts of art, for he loves to sketch. Matt believes that art is an awesome way for one to express him/herself and that the world would be boring without art’s presence, cannot say that I disagree. Matt’s favorite form of art is that which one usually thinks about when the word “art” comes to mind, a canvas and paint brush; he loves the classics such as paintings created by Michelangelo. When asked about his least favorite form of art, Matt was going to announce sculpting as his target yet he remembered that he favors some artwork done by sculpting. Matt appreciates art, and he considers himself the artistic brother compared to his sibling who has a passion for writing.

It is always a pleasure to meet new people and to learn about them, to admire the things that they have done that one has not, and to be amused by the things that one has in common with the other. Matt and I have many similarities, for we both love watching WWE, have never traveled outside of the United States, work part-time, and will become teachers/professors in the future. I agree with Matt when he says that working part-time and attending college full-time can be stressful; it is a lot on one’s “plate”. It is awesome to meet another future teacher, although I would not mind teaching at a high school or a university whereas Matt wants to teach at a university only. Overall, it was great to chat with Matt and may the future bestow upon him success in all aspects of his life.


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