Week 5 Classmate Interview- Julyssa Juarez

Julyssa Juarez!

It is the fifth week of the semester and this Thursday in Art 110 at the art gallery, I had the opportunity to talk to Julyssa Juarez and learn a little bit about her. Julyssa was born in Bellflower, Califonia, is eighteen years of age, and this is her first year attending CSULB. Despite the university not being Julyssa’s desired college to attend, she is starting to grow fond of it. Julyssa is currently undeclared; she is exploring different majors before she sticks to one. Julyssa decided to adventure in the discipline that is communication disorders but decided that it was not for her since it required a lot of anatomy; she did not see herself in that field but she does seem to have an interest for a major in the liberal arts or the arts. Nevertheless, Julyssa’s search for that unique major continues. Aside from academics, Julyssa works part-time as a coach at a place called Offshore in Long Beach, where she coaches children on how to play volleyball.

It is only fitting that Julyssa works at a place where she is a volleyball coach since she has played volleyball both, inside of school and out, for seven years. When Julyssa is not at CSULB or at work, she loves to hang out with her friends and go to different places and explore the city. Surely, Julyssa has a blast while hanging out with her friends since she has once jumped into an ocean at night while camping when it was sixteen degrees because her friends wanted to do so.Talk about crazy! Getting to know more about Julyssa, I learned that she has two little brothers and no sisters. Upon asking her if she wished to have a sister, she said that she did when she was younger but that she is now content with being the only girl in her family. Like many others, including myself, Julyssa labels pickles as her least favorite food and declares chicken strips as her favorite.

A sad artist
A sad artist

Before I asked Julyssa about her opinion on art, she admitted that she likes Art 110 because it is easy but that she had different expectations when she first pictured what the class would be like. Julyssa and I both thought that the class would not take place in a theater but in a classroom with tables instead, and that we would do various art projects such as painting on a canvas or sculpting. Nevertheless, Julyssa believes that art is everywhere and that it can be anything; she also believes that artists and art are extremely under-appreciated, that it is sad how an artist can be passionate and put all his/her time and effort into an art piece only to receive little appreciation/care from the people. Julyssa does seem to appreciate art, however, for she does not have a least favorite form of art and her favorite form of art is sculpting; she thinks that sculptures look amazing.

It was nice speaking to Julyssa and learning about some aspects of her life. This is Julyssa’s second semester here at CSULB so she has time to explore many majors before she settles on one; I hope that she finds one that she will be passionate about and love and not choose one randomly or major in something that she does not like, such is the case with some students. Julyssa seems like a hardworking person yet knows how to have fun, judging by her job and her adventure while camping, which is something that everyone should do, have a balance between work and fun. While Julyssa related her camping story, I could not help but remember the time in which I went for a swim at the beach during a rainy and windy day; it is something people should try at least once in a lifetime! Nevertheless, I wish Julyssa a bright future and success in all aspects of her life. It was nice talking to you.


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