Week 5 Activity- Kickstarter

This week’s activity in Art 110 consisted of us, the students, surfing the kickstarter website in search of four videos, two videos under two separate categories which we found appealing and that failed to capture our interest. I searched under the categories of music and food and after some time, I found a video under each category that I liked and one under both categories that I did not favor as much.safe_image Under the music category, I watched the videos “Notasium”, and “Tuesday Knight ‘Nightmare’ EP 2015,” and out of the two videos, I found the former entertaining and awesome unlike the latter. The video “Tuesday Knight” is a little more than a minute long and consists of a clip from the movie in which the song that the person wants to sell stars in; that is all. The video entitled “Notasium”, however, is full of movement, music, consists of pictures, research, a plan for how the man’s establishment will turn out, good arguments, and although it is over four minutes long, it is entertaining to watch and makes one want to learn more about the man’s project. The intro of the video is entertaining and captures one’s attention and while the man speaks, he sounds passionate and excited about his project and makes great eye contact. When comparing the two, it is easy to see why “Notasium” would be more favorable than “Tuesday Knight”; it is longer and has more detail and explanation, it is full of color, is creative, and it is for a great cause. The two videos, of course, are for different causes; one is about raising money for the construction of place where kids can can play and have fun with music while the other is the selling of a popular song on a movie. To me, “Notasium” is more appealing not just because it is a great idea, but because the individual sounds passionate about his project and incorporates many mediums into his video, unlike the other. “Notasium” currently needs $16,347 to be granted the $40,000 sum and has eleven days to do so and “Tuesday Knight” needs $17,355 to receive the $20,000 fund the person covets under fifty two days.



Green Pea Cookies

Under the food category, I watched the videos “Green Pea Cookie- Absolutely Divine,” and “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce”, where I found the first one to be interesting and appealing when compared to the second. The video “Green Pea Cookie” depicts three teenagers who make their own cookie and want to distribute it world wide and the video “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce” shows two older men who make their own hot sauce and also want to distribute it across the globe, but the differences of their videos are great. The video “Green Pea Cookie” plays upbeat music and shows the three teens smiling, speaking about their product, production, and their plans for their product as well as showing clips of them giving samples of their cookie to people and receiving positive reviews. There is a lot of movement in the video, all three teens make eye contact, smile, speak, and act silly, which is fine since it is not over-exaggerated. All of these qualities of the video make it entertaining and appealing and I think that them handing out samples of their cookie to people shows that they are serious about their project and it is appealing for the viewer to see that they receive awesome reviews for their cookie. The video “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce”, on the other hand, does not employ much of the mentioned qualities, the qualities that would make the video more appealing. The product is of course different and is being talked about by two older men and while the song is appropriate for their product, the men’s attitudes are monotone and lack feeling as well as excitement. The men are also motionless and though they do talk about their product and its concoction, they do not show a video of them handing out samples or receiving any kind of review of their hot sauce by anyone; it does not seem that they have much enthusiasm for their project, it seems as if they just want to get the product out there and that is it.

Zombie Blood Hot Sauce
Zombie Blood Hot Sauce

They do, however, make eye contact and try to act silly at the end but it seems awkward. Without a doubt, the “Green Pea Cookie” video was the better video because of the way that the three teens composed their video and the optimism and feeling that they employed. The video “Green Pea Cookie” has twenty one days remaining to meet its goal of $5,000 yet it has already surpassed it, having made $22,752! The video “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce” still has eighteen days to meet its $10,000 and needs $6,708 to do so.



Although I have labeled the videos “Tuesday Knight ‘Nightmare’ EP 2015” and “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce” as lame due to the presentation of their videos, I applaud the makers of the videos for carrying out their projects and wanting to make them a reality; it is definitely not as easy as it seems. To me, the videos  “Notasium” and “Green Pea Cookie” possess every quality that make the videos appealing to the viewer and entertaining to watch. Eye contact, speaking with feeling, having music and showing pictures/clips are definitely ways to show the viewer that one has put time and effort into their project and are serious about it. Videos that do not possess the creator of the project speaking about their project seem to me to not hold much passion for their goal; they might have it but one cannot see it if they do not appear on the video. Movement and enthusiasm are important factors for grabbing the attention of someone, at least to me they are. Because of this week’s activity, I have discovered that I find attitude, music, and motion key to making an appealing video.


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