Week 6 Classmate Interview- Nathan Baldonado

Nathan Baldonado!
Nathan Baldonado!

On the sixth Thursday of Art 110, I got to sit down and talk to my classmate Nathan Baldonado and I learned about some details of his being. To begin, I wish Nathan a happy late birthday; he turned nineteen years old only fifteen days ago! Nathan was born in Cerritos, California and this is his second semester at CSULB where he will major in the art that is cinematography. To be candid, I was not sure what cinematography was so Nathan let me know that it is the person who is in charge of shooting a movie, who may also focus on the lighting and lenses of the camera. Nathan planned to major in the field of child development yet he discovered that it was not for him. In the future, Nathan hopes to apply his degree in cinematography and gain experience, where he will then become a professor of that subject at a college/university; Nathan wishes to teach at a college/university and not at a high school because he says that the students who will take the course in college will do so because they will be passionate about the subject and take it not because they have to. Nathan lives on campus this semester but will join his parents at their house next semester because although it was their idea for him to live on campus, they now want him to live with them, which I found funny.

Putting academics aside, Nathan loves to film, shoot photographs, and play music in his spare time. Nathan has a collection of short films that he has made and he has once filmed a wedding, getting paid for doing so; he wishes to do a lot more filming in the future. instrument-hero3What I found interesting and amazing was that Nathan can play the guitar, bass, piano, and the clarinet and once formed a band composed of his friends while he was in high school, where they played live at talent shows. Since Nathan plays music for fun, he and his friends only played songs that they recognized and wanted to play; they did not compose their own songs or made their band, Rose Avenue, professional. Nathan considers himself a decent musician, saying that he plays for the sake of playing music and not to show off or compete with other musicians to see who is better. While talking to Nathan, I learned that he has done a lot of traveling inside the United States but not out; he has visited Florida, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Texas, Hawaii, and Arizona! Since Nathan’s parents were born in the Philippines, he wishes to travel to that country and learn more about his heritage; he is monolingual. Nathan has one younger brother and no sisters and said that he at times wished to have a sister but that he is now content with his brother because they like similar things. He however, wishes to have at least a daughter in the future. Nathan does not currently work but he has in the past at a day care in a private Christian church after volunteering there for four years. The day care, unfortunately, closed down after some time.

imagesWhen Nathan was confronted by my question of “What is art to you?,” he replied that art is what one makes out of it, that it is one’s interpretation, that it can be anything one wants it to be. Nathan’s favorite form of art is cinema/film; he loves the war drama genre, “Saving Private Ryan” being his favorite movie, although he says that he criticizes it for many things. On the other hand, Nathan’s least favorite form of art is abstract art, mentioning that it could take too long for a person to understand it, depriving them of interest, although in my opinion it could do the opposite and make a person even more interested in the work of art. Nathan prefers realistic paintings.

It was nice having the opportunity to meet Nathan and getting to know a little bit about him. Once again, happy nineteenth birthday and may many more come your way! I was intrigued by the things that Nathan and I have in common; we both will become future teachers/professors and play instruments but unlike myself, Nathan had the opportunity to form a band and play his music live, something that I wanted to do during my middle school years but did not do. Like Nathan, I too play music for fun and blast my amplifier when I have some time. Nevertheless, I hope that Nathan gets to travel to the Philippines one day and I wish him success and happiness in every aspect of his life. It was nice meeting you.


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