Week 6 Activity- Yarn Bombing

Fiber Arts in FA2

After viewing some interesting videos on Tuesday in Art 110 about yarn bombing, it was our turn, the students, to do some yarn bombing of our own, or at least attempt to do so. A couple of days after viewing the videos, I visited the building FA2 on campus and viewed some art and clothing constructed out of yarn and fibers. To be honest, learning how to sow and make clothing out of yarn has been somewhat interesting to me; it is amazing how clothing is made from string and how patterns on clothing are constructed, such as on the piece to the right. I am sure that I would like to try it someday. For this project, however, I did not construct anything awesome from sowing/knitting yet if I would have had the time, I would have done so. Instead of knitting, I used an old pair of black socks I had and a yellow rag and cut them up to make circles. I stapled the small black circles from the sock onto the larger yellow circle and made a smiley face! It was difficult to cut the mouth because it was windy outside and the sock kept blowing everywhere but I love being outside. After my smiley face was constructed, I adorned a tree in my backyard with it. It is very simple, I know, and it is nothing compared to real yarn bombing as was shown in those awesome videos in class, but it is still working with clothing/ fibers.

My project!

This activity for me was definitely easy; there is nothing difficult about cutting clothing into circles and decorating a tree with it. Because it was easy and because I was tired from work, I did not find much joy in the activity; I definitely should have done something more complex, something that requires time and that is creative. Compared to the graffiti writing activity, this activity was short, plain, and did not produce a feeling of inspiration, peace, and concentration as did the latter. I am sure that this is not because the activity is lame or that yarn bombing is boring, but because I did not create a creative clothing to decorate my tree. Real yarn bombing as those done in the videos is something that I would not mind trying if I ever learn to knit/crochet. Once knitting is mastered, I am sure that the projects done will be just as awesome as the one done by graffiti writing. When one thinks about graffiti bombing and yarn bombing, one may consider the latter to be masculine and the former to be feminine, yet to me it does not matter whether a type of art is considered feminine or masculine, at the end it is still art. If the type of art produces the same emotions as the ones that graffiti bombing did, I would describe it as an amazing form of art, be it feminine, masculine, or whatever. Art is art, whether it is created by a spray can or made by yarn and fibers. Historically, society has always favored the work done by men when compared to women but society and social norms have changed over the years, where women are now being recognized for the work that they do; they perform at the same level as men do and at times even out perform them! I think that in our society, the work done by men is still upheld but it will not be for long till women reach the same level as men and one day win the approval of the majority of society.

This was an interesting activity; it showed that there are many types of art out there, types that one may not even consider to be an art. Yarn bombing may seem feminine and lame to some people but it is still an art, for it is creative, requires patience, and is made by hand by the artist. As stated before, I am sure that I would not classify my project as yarn bombing, for if I did, I would put the entire form of art to shame, haha. This time my work may not be considered yarn bombing, but the next time that I do try it, it will be the real thing.


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