Week 7 Classmate Interview- Tatiana Costa

Me with Tatiana
Me with Tatiana

On the seventh Thursday of Art 110, I got the chance to meet Tatiana Costa and learn a little bit about her. To begin, Tatiana was born in Artesia, California, she is nineteen years old, and this is her second year here at CSULB. Once Tatiana asked me what month I was born, she was surprised to know that we were both born on the month of September and that our birthdays are only six days apart, she being born on the day of Mexican independence and I on the tenth. Tatiana is majoring in the field of kinnesiology, specifically on something called “exercise science,” which she says is basically P.E., or physical education; she will become a physical therapist in the future.

Tatiana’s favorite soccer team!

On her spare time, Tatiana loves to bike ride, play soccer, and watch her favorite team L.A. Galaxy be victorious; she can’t wait for a game they will be playing on Saturday. As one can see, Tatiana is an outdoor type of person and she seems very active. Although Tatiana plays soccer and has her favorite team, she only plays for fun and not for competition. Tatiana also enjoys crafting and knitting, so I am sure that her activity last week was the real deal unlike many others, including myself, who do not know how to knit. Tatiana reads every once in a while and her favorite book is “The Princess Bride” unlike Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, which happens to be her least favorite. While speaking to Tatiana, I learned that she has one younger brother and that she wished for a sister when she was younger but that she is now content with her only brother. Tatiana has not traveled too much but she has gone to Downtown Disney and to the state of Connecticut to visit her cousins; she loves nature so she was happy to find Connecticut full of trees. If she had the chance to travel to anywhere, Tatiana would go to Brazil because her mother is from Brazil and she would like to learn more about her heritage; she also has friends there who came to the United States one summer and had fun with Tatiana exploring the country, going to states such as Nevada. Since Tatiana’s father is from Portugal and her mother from Brazil, Tatiana can speak Portuguese and knows a little bit of Spanish, her friend Veronica being her tutor. When it comes to food, Tatiana has a favorite food every week (which I found funny), this week being chicken enchiladas. No matter what, Tatiana won’t eat shellfish or pork; they are her least favorite food! Borrowing a question from a classmate, I asked Tatiana “what is the craziest thing you have done?” and it was funny that she said “many,” but that two days ago she ran for an elevator, kicked it open, and got inside to find a group full of people staring at her. She could not help but crack up when she saw the expression of a stranger and him saying ” I thought the elevator door was going to crush you.” That is crazy indeed; Tatiana seems like a spontaneous person.

The art that sold for millions!

Tatiana, like myself, believes that art can be anything and that it is anything that anyone wants it to be. What Tatiana did not understand was how very simple paintings could sell for thousands if not millions of dollars, paintings that look as if they could have been done by herself or by a small child. I commented to her that I read somewhere that a painting painted all blue with a single white line through the center sold for millions of dollars! I too do not understand that. Nevertheless, Tatiana’s  favorite form of art is ceramics because she has done it at school before; she does not have a least favorite form of art.

It was nice to have the opportunity to meet Tatiana and learn a little bit about her. She strikes me as a quiet person when one first meets her but spontaneous and fun when one gets to know her, the elevator scene being evidence, since her friends were with her at that time, haha. I hope that Tatiana gets the chance to travel to Brazil and to Portugal as well to learn about her parents’ heritage and to have new adventures. I hope that success and happiness cross every aspect of Tatiana’s life for the future. It was nice meeting you.


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