Week 7 Artist Interview- Clare Samani

Clare Samani’s “I Know That I Know Nothing”

Week seven at the art galleries, I found myself entering neither the Gatov East or West galleries as usual, but the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, where beautiful art of printmaking hung upon the walls. The artist that I had the chance to speak to and hear from, Clare Samani, was only one of the many artists whose art constituted the gallery, it being a group display. This was the first time that I had entered a gallery where not one artist was responsible for the art, but a group. If I heard Clare correctly, the people who run the art gallery tell the art students about the group display and about the theme. Students submit their work where judges then decide whether their art is appropriate for the theme. Out of the many artists, Clare Samani was present. Clare developed her passion for art by sketching, but she then discovered the art of printmaking when she took a course at a community college, which was about 3 years ago and fell in love with it. She loves printmaking because many art methods of art are applied, such as drawing, sketching, painting, and wood carving. Clare’s love for art is apparent because she will continue to create her art no matter where her future takes her. With a BFA in printmaking, however, Clare hopes to open her own printmaking shop in the future.

Mary Roded’s “Is This Real”
Corryn Hunter’s “Pairodox”

The theme of the group exhibition was entitled “Paradox,” and I personally find paradoxes amusing and interesting. There were many amazing works of art that were displayed upon the walls of the galleries whose creators were not present, but Clare was present so I got the opportunity to learn about her art (above image). Her art is entitled “I know That I Know Nothing.” which even in its name is a paradox, and according to Clare, it took about a total of 16 hours to complete her piece and the problems that women face around the world, including herself, are present in her art. Her piece depicts a woman trying to stand on unstable rocks, which could represent the troubles that women face in society and how much work and concentration is needed to remain on their feet, or simply that the woman knows nothing which is why she is standing on those rocks in the first place. It was definitely an interesting work of art. Some artists illustrated some interesting paradoxes as well, such as the one to the left created by Mary Roded entitled “Is This Real,” which makes one think about what the art is truly saying. Others literally wrote “paradox” , or something similar on their art, which I found hilarious, such as the one to the right done by Corryn Hunter, which shows a pair of dogs, haha.

Amber Hall's "Pair O' Docks"
Amber Hall’s “Pair O’ Docks”

To be candid, the art captured my attention as soon as I entered the gallery; everything was unique, had great coloring, contrast, and the prints were of great quality. It is no wonder why Clare loves printmaking. I was not sure how printmaking was done so I asked Clare about the process, and if I am not mistaken, one creates their work of art and runs it through a printing press, there are of course many factors that must be considered depending on how the artist wants his/her art to come out. There are courses available next semester for printmaking, and I will consider taking one; the results look truly amazing. Something that amused me was that at the corner of the gallery, there was a sign that said “you are not here”, which actually made me think of what the paradox meant. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure viewing the wonderful art that constituted the Dutzi Gallery and having the chance to speak with and hear from the artist Clare Samani. May her future welcome her with success and happiness.


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