Week 7 Activity- Portrait Photography

The seventh activity in Art 110 was a rather interesting one; we, the students, had to imagine our death scene and create it. Although the theme of the activity may seem dark/ominous to many people, I found it intriguing. When I first heard about the activity in class, many death scenes were passing through my head and I would have liked to experiment and try many death scenes and ultimately choose my favorite, but alas! such was not the case. With work and college, there is barely time for homework and even when there is time, fatigue infects one and makes one’s concentration oscillate. Because of the consequences that working and attending a university create, I decided that work exhaustion would be the reason for my death in my activity.

Me dead
Me dead from exhaustion

I planned for the death scene to take place at McDonald’s, which is where I work, but there is not time to take pictures there, and I am sure that the managers would get upset if they saw their employee laying on the kitchen floor while another took a photo, haha, especially since that employee has been working there for only a little over a month. I would have liked to have gone with this idea but I could not have done it, so I decided that I would do it in the kitchen of my house. While at home, I dressed in my McDonald’s uniform and with a spatula on my right hand and my calculus textbook and calculator on the other, I asked my brother to take the photo for me. I must admit that it was hard to keep from smiling because one does not pretend to be dead on the floor everyday, and also because my little sister was watching and my brother was saying stupid yet hilarious things while taking the photo. I managed to get the pose accurate and my face blank, however, and the photo was taken. I felt that I needed to focus on not moving a muscle and especially on not showing any face expressions. The picture illustrates me laying dead on the floor while wearing my uniform with a spatula above my right shoulder and my school supplies next to my left shoulder. What I tried to express was that it is stressful and tiresome trying to balance school, work, and social events all at the same time, that it can get difficult and it can even make one break down, or as in my case, lead to death, haha. I would have preferred taking the picture at McDonald’s because my kitchen was too small but nevertheless, I think this photo expresses the idea that I described accurately.

I thought that this was an interesting project and although it did not take that much time to do, it was fun. To show what I wanted more clearly, I could have perhaps added my CSULB sweater to the floor; having the McDonald’s and CSULB symbols at the death scene would have shown the cause of death better. It was fun doing this activity, but doing the activity and the fact that I am turning it in late shows me that I have got to be better organized with school and work. I am a full-time student and a part-time worker so school should definitely be my priority; I have got to find a way to balance things out and reduce stress as much as possible, so as to not end up fatigued and “dead” as in the picture! Overall, I thought it was a great activity.


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