Week 8 Classmate Interview- Guillermo Vargas

Guillermo Vargas and myself!Week eight of the semester has come upon us and this week I spoke with Guillermo Vargas at the student art galleries, where I got the chance to learn a little bit about him. This is Guillermo’s first year here at CSULB where he plans to graduate and receive a degree in the field of mechanical engineering. I was not too sure what mechanical engineering was so I asked Guillermo about it and I found out that it can range from building a tower to building a pen; it is everything around us, but it focuses mainly on machines, hence the name “mechanical” engineering. Guillermo was born in Lynwood, California but lives in Compton; his parents were born in the Mexican states of Guanajuato and Jalisco. Aside from college, Guillermo also works at In-N-Out Burger, getting hired only a month ago. With school and job, I was surprised that Guillermo had time to do other things, unlike myself, haha.

When Guillermo is not working or learning at CSULB, he can be found working out at a gym, hanging out with his friends, or playing sports such as baseball, soccer, football, or wrestling. Guillermo is definitely and outdoor person and he loves nature. Indoors, Guillermo likes to watch sports such as those listed above and he mentioned that he would want to spend more time reading, probably for school. Like myself, Guillermo used to watch WWE but he stopped for the same reason that I did: it got bland and the show is not as good as it used to be. This did not stop me from asking him for his favorite wrestlers, which are the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar! I am always amused when I learn that someone else watches or used to watch this show, haha, since I have watched it for many years.

Mole rojo on enchiladas
Mole rojo on enchiladas

Nevertheless, Guillermo has one older sister and a younger brother, and based on what he told me, it does not seem that they are close. Guillermo joked that since he is the middle child, he is alone because his older sister is favored for being the only girl and the first child and his younger brother adored for being the youngest. Ah, the things that children born neither first or last face. Anyways, Guillermo’s favorite food is the Mexican dish of enchiladas and he likes mole rojo as well.


To Guillermo, art is a ” form of expression through means of everyday life,” and although I did not understand what that meant, I did after I told him what I thought art was to me; it was pretty much what I though art was, which is that it can be anything, from a tree to a bench. I could tell that Guillermo’s favorite form of art was music because that was the first question he asked me after my name. Guillermo will listen to any type of music, although he considers rap to be his favorite due to its lyrics and beats. Besides music, Guillermo is also fond of paintings, particularly oil on canvas, due to the way the paintings look. Because Guillermo considers himself a fan of art, he does not have a least favorite form of art, which is awesome!

Well, another week has gone by and I have met another classmate; it is fascinating how they all differ from one another yet have some similarities. Guillermo seems like an active person and that he will always achieve any goal that he has. What I find sad is that some siblings are not close or do not get along; one would think that siblings would get along since they live in the same house and see each other everyday but that is not always the case. I hope that those who do not get along can one day get along. Nevertheless, it was awesome meeting Guillermo and learning some stuff about him. I am sure that he will continue to work hard in the future and that success and happiness will fall upon him, as it should be. Nice talking to you.


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