Week 8 Activity- Remix Culture

My list of words and the books from which they originate
My list of words and the books from which they originate

This week’s activity in Art 110 provided us, the students, with the opportunity to go out and remix anything, be it physical objects, words, pictures, songs, etc. For this activity, I used thirty six books that are present in my small library in my room and I selected the last word from each book and attempted to write a a couple of sentences using those words only once. I wanted the sentences to make sense, but that of course was difficult and impossible to do with a few words but nevertheless, I created my short paragraph, which goes as follows:

“Parties: vida, sorrow? Scone, Bouville, Earth, relate. Earnest was Godly, Romeo salvacion. Story was Brother marchar past body, east garden, before familia present. Hand me ingredient, men distance hope, existe shadow. Light: misterio; Day: free… Amen.”

This of course makes little or no sense but to me, it almost has a mysterious/ philosophical tone, thanks to words such as free, vida (life), hope, amen, salvacion (salvation), just to name a few. I used my books because I love to read and I wondered which words were the last of each book. Some of the books I chose included “Othello”, “The Metamorphosis”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “1984”, “Candide”, “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the list goes on! It seems that powerful words finish almost every book that I chose. Since Spanish books are included on my list, there are words in Spanish, which I think adds to the mystery of the tone.

A perspective on copyright
A perspective on copyright

When it comes to the internet, there is without a doubt a mixture of freedom and fear that one experiences while using it; there are risks to using the internet but it can also empower one as well. The internet lets a person search pretty much whatever they want and lets a person communicate to anyone anywhere around the world, which is amazing since it lets knowledge and connection with others be available with the touch of a mouse, but it can also be risky due to online stalking by a person that one does not know, viruses, or cyber-bullying. Such effects of using the internet can drive fear into the individual at the receiving end of those effects, possibly traumatizing that individual for life. Clearly, the internet is very powerful and it can certainly be useful and connect people together, but it may also bring harm  and fear. When it comes to copyright, I feel that anything should be alright to use as long as one does not claim whatever it is that they are using, as their own. Copyrights do prevent many things from being used, which is unnecessary if a person is using a copyrighted material for entertainment or teaching purposes only, although I do understand that it protects the owner of that material from theft. I believe that copyrighted material should be modified so that they are alright to use as long as the user does not claim ownership of the material they are using, that way the material can be used and the owner of the material gets the credit/ profits for creating the material in the first place. I would not see why anyone would use my remix for any reason at all, but I would leave my copyright as public domain because it is not exactly a piece of gold, and as long as they recognized me as the author of my remix.

My books!
My books!

This was an alright activity, although my favorite is probably still the graffiti writing activity or the portrait photography activity. At first, I did not know what I would mix; I thought of colors at first but that seemed too simple. I do not know how to edit videos or songs so that was out of the picture; I love books and reading so retrieving words from my books and mixing them in a random order to create a short story was the way to go. I did not think that it would be too difficult to come up with a few sentences but alas! I was wrong. It was fun, however, trying to come up with something with meaning from just a few random words. I did not have anything in mind when forming my sentence; it all just came in to place. The result was interesting and this was an interesting activity, I wonder what will be next?


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