Week 9 Classmate Interview- Jacky Mares

Jacky and myself!
Jacky and myself!

Week nine of the semester has arrived and on this week’s Thursday at the student art gallery, I met Jacky Mares and I got to learn some awesome facts about her. Jacky was born in Los Angeles, California, is twenty years of age, and this is her third year attending CSULB, where she is studying in the field of heath science. Health science was not her original major, but she decided to go for it since she did not know what she would do with her previous major, biology. The switch in majors has pushed her graduation day back since she needs to take the classes specific to her new major but Jacky does not mind, for she was pushed back only one semester. I was not too sure what heath science really was so I asked Jacky, and she told me that it is science in the medical field, that it was pretty much about humans and their health. Nevertheless, Jacky will become a genetic counselor in the future- sounds interesting.

Putting academics aside, Jacky loves to hang out with her friends, eat with them, and go to awesome concerts with them when she has spare time. Jacky goes to concerts frequently; her first concert was about four years ago when she was in twelfth grade and she witnessed many bands perform, such as System of A Down, Fall Out Boy, and Letlive. One could tell that due to her constant attendance at concerts, Jacky loves music. Jacky loves rock and hard rock but she will listen to anything that she finds awesome, be it rap, pop, etc. except for country, which she does not like, haha. Jacky does some reading as well in her free time, telling me about some books that she finds interesting and that her brother does not.


While speaking to Jacky, I learned that she has an older brother and a younger sister; she is ok with being the middle child. Because Jacky’s parents were born in the Mexican states of Colima and Jalisco, Jacky has traveled to Mexico with her family to visit relatives and to kick back. Jacky speaks very little Spanish but she can understand it; she similarly speaks little Korean due to the classes she has taken here at CSULB, and because of that, she would want to travel to South Korea in the future, to actually get to experience the language and culture fully. When it comes to food, Jacky’s favorite had to be the Mexican dish of flautas, and her least favorite is liver; she says that it smells amazing when it is being cooked but that it does not taste as fascinating as it smells, haha.

When it came to the art question of “what is art to you,” Jacky replied that art could be anything, saying that if one makes a connection to something, that something could be art. Besides attending concerts with her friends and reading, Jacky does photography when she has time; she practices it plenty but she considers herself to be an amateur at it, taking pictures primarily of the animals and nature that are present in her garden.

Photography, one of Jacky's hobbies
Photography, one of Jacky’s hobbies

Photography is one of Jacky’s hobbies so consequently, photography is Jacky’s favorite form of art. Jacky thinks that all art is awesome so she does not have a least favorite form of art. My final question to Jacky was: “What do you think of this class?” and Jacky admitted that she thinks the class is alright but that she thought that it would be more traditional, or more hands-on with the art. She also thinks that the class is cool and unique but due to the class not being hands-on with art, Jacky feels that she is not learning that much about art.

Another week in Art 110 is gone and having the opportunity to meet with another classmate has gone as well. It was nice meeting Jacky and getting to know about her; it is always interesting to me learning about others and what they do and how they differ from myself and the other students I have met. I think it is awesome that Jacky knows some Korean and that she could write it and that she wants to travel to South Korea to experience the language and culture even more, but I think that it would be great to learn about one’s own language first before any other, especially since we live in a region where that language is common and useful to know. That is just my opinion, but props to Jacky for knowing Korean, a language completely different in letters and format, which I am sure was hard to master. Nevertheless, I wish Jacky the best in her future and that she becomes the genetic counselor she desires and that she travels to her dream country. It was nice meeting you!


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