Week 9 Artist Interview- Michael Rollins

This week at the student art gallery, I entered the Max L. East and West galleries and had the opportunity to see artist Michael Rollins’ colorful and vibrant art hanging upon the walls. Michael hails from Arizona and he was previously going for a degree in illustration but he decided to go for painting when he saw some of his fellow classmates painting; at this moment, Michael believed that it was a risk for one to become a painter and he was intrigued that his classmates painted for art’s sake. Art has always been a part of Michael’s life and Michael feels that an artist should focus only on art after the artist graduates from a college/university, not worry so much about money but have the passion for creating art. Michael has been following what he believes, for his art has taken about 7 months to complete and he jokingly said that he has no life because he focuses on his art. It is quite obvious that Michael has a great passion for art, something that is admirable.

imageThe title of Michael’s art exhibition is “New Digs,” which he has named after a science article. When it comes to names for his art, Michael finds inspiration from many sources, such as titles of books and names of songs that he likes; titles are not that important to Michael so a title for a painting may change. As mentioned before, Michael’s art explodes with color and is very alive. To me, his paintings look very similar, all having space and what seems to be a vortex/cave, but are nevertheless interesting and attention-grabbing. Michael loves to paint from instinct and that is what he has done with his work in the art gallery; he has no inspirations and is not painting a physical object, he paints what he feels like painting, which he loves since he has the freedom to paint what he wants and express what he feels. When Michael paints, he may start with a color and he will then let his instincts take over. According to Michael, he creates two to three paintings at a time and he works from painting to painting, that is to say that he may work 2 hours on one and then work another painting for another two hours, this keeps him from putting to much thought on a single painting that it alters the effect that he wants.

imageI must be candid and say that I love the awesome effects that his paintings have, such as the space and the feeling as if one were traveling through a colorful vortex. I also love the colors, they make the paintings come to life and I believe that Michael used good color combinations on his art. Although most of his paintings contain this cave/vortex effect, this was something that Michael tried to avoid, for he did not want for all of his paintings to look the same, although I believe that this effect is what gives the art an interesting tone. It was a pleasure of having the opportunity to enter the Gatov galleries and observe Michael’s vibrant art. I could tell that his love for art is immense and that he without a doubt works very hard on his art and that it is all for art’s sake. I hope that Michael continues to greet the world with his wondrous art and I wish him success in all aspects of his life. It was nice speaking to him and hearing him tell me about his art.


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