Week 10 Classmate Interview- Jones Sin

Jones and myself!
Jones and myself!

Week ten of the semester has finally arrived, and this Thursday I had the chance to meet and chat with my classmate, Jones Sin. I found his name interesting because his first name could be considered a last name as well but nevertheless, Jones is twenty years old and this is his second year attending CSULB, where he is majoring in computer engineering tech, which is pretty much building computers and knowing their parts. Although Jones is majoring in this field right now, he is thinking of switching majors and is considering taking the next semester off in order to think about what he wants to do. Jones was born in Whittier, California but lives in the city of Norwalk and he drives twenty minutes everyday to come to the university; I am lucky that I live in Long Beach, haha.

No sweets :(
No sweets šŸ˜¦

Putting academics and school aside, Jones loves to play video-games during his spare time as well as hang out with his friends. Jones also enjoys playing some tennis and he is pretty awesome at it, considering that he was in the tennis varsity team at his high school. Jones’ favorite video-game isĀ Counter-strike: GlobalĀ Offensive, due to its fast pace and competition when he plays with other players. Because Jones plays pretty popular video-games, he does not really have a least favorite. Unlike myself, Jones has traveled to many states in the east coast of the country and if he could live anywhere in the world, it would be at this are of theĀ United States, such as in New York. He, however, would love to travel to Europe and see the awesome scenery there. As Jones and I spoke more, I learned that he has an older brother; he likes being the younger one because he has someone to look up to and to learn from. When it comes to food, my classmate loves American food, particularly grilled chicken, which is indeed delicious. Jones does not like sweets, however, because they cause a bad feeling in his throat.

When the word “art” comes to Jones’ mind, he thinks primarily of pictures and paintings. Jones’ favorite form of art are drawings and since he thinks that art is amazing, he does not have a least favorite form of art. Finally, I asked Jones what he thought of this class, Art 110, and he simply told me that it is a GE class, so its cool. Jones seems like a pretty calm guy; it was nice having the opportunity to talk to him and learn about him. I really hope that Jones discovers what he is passionate about and wants to study because like myself, I too had trouble deciding what major I wanted to pursue and not knowing what one wants to do provokes a feeling of uneasiness. I am sure that during his time off, Jones will know what he wants to study and pursue that career with eagerness. I wish Jones the best in his future.


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