Week 10 Activity- Student’s Choice

My awesome photo!
My awesome photo!

It is the last Thursday before we go to spring break and instead of the professor suggesting an activity for us to do, we, the students of Art 110, got to decide what we wanted to do- awesome! To be honest, I was not sure what I wanted to do for the activity; I thought of music, painting, and sculpting, but I paint sometimes for the student I.D. cards and sculpting is next week’s activity, and instead of music, I decided to go with photography, something that I have never done before. Photographs look amazing with a high-tech camera and with some editing, and I bet that the photographs that some of my classmates take with their fancy cameras look awesome but since I do not own such a camera, I took the photos with my Ipod touch. Although I take pictures of the art of the artists at the student art gallery, it is not exactly what want to photograph. I love nature and I find it absolutely beautiful so nature was the star of my photographs.

Beautiful color

Nature is all around us so there were plenty of pictures for me to take but instead of just taking pictures of any random tree I saw, I traveled through Long Beach a bit in search of some fantastic scenery. I started with the lovely and peaceful Japanese Garden here at CSULB and I must say that the picture came out amazing; the green trees in the background compliment the river and the Koi fish make the picture seem more natural. What I love about the picture is the effect of the water; it looks very beautiful. I was pleased with this photo a lot. Next, I decided to head home and snap a few pictures of the nature that I have there: flowers. I have always liked flowers and I find not only their aromas to be wonderful, but their colors as well. I think that the color of the red flowers and the green plants in the background make the flowers come to life even more. Without a doubt, art can be found in nature, which is why I find nature to be so amazing. My final stop was at the beach, and just like the photo of the Koi fish in the Japanese Garden, I love this photo and the way it I took it. The scenery is fantastic; the way that the sky-blue and the blue from the ocean contrast is cool and the clean and brown sand goes well with the color blue. I think that it is obvious that when I look at photographs or take pictures, I focus on the color. To me, the color is what makes a photo alive and aesthetically pleasing. Without color, the world would be dull and although life would still exist, everything would seem lifeless. My activity reminds me of the art created by Yiren Elaine Kwak, an artist who displayed her art exhibition on nature during the third week of the semester, because we both love nature and made it the main ingredient of our art, except that the artist drew her art and I photographed it. Anyways, I feel that I have taken some awesome photos!

This photo almost makes one feel the breeze!

Photography is definitely a form of art; the way that the photograph comes out depends on the techniques that the photographer employs, such as the distance from which a photo is taken, the angle from which it is taken, and the way that the photographer decides to edit the photo. Just like traditional paintings, photographs too contain color and tone, which can be changed depending on the perspective of the artist/photographer. I am without a doubt an amateur photographer and many may deem my photos to be “whatever” or just any other pictures but I like the way that my photos came out. Of course, with a more advanced camera and with careful editing my photos would look much more amazing than they do now, but I think that my photos do not look too bad for a rookie photographer, haha. I had to take the photo of the scenery more than once because I wanted to get a good angle and while I took the photos, I felt focused and determined yet placid due to the beautiful scenery. I should perhaps practice photography in my spare time and in time, my photos may look better. I enjoyed this activity; I had the opportunity to try something new.


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