Week 11 Classmate Interview- Hoc Nguyen

Hoc Nguyen!
Hoc Nguyen!

After spring break, it was time to get back to work and on this past Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with my fellow classmate: Hoc Nguyen. While talking to Hoc, I learned that this is his first year here at CSULB (which is the only university that he applied to) and that he is majoring in the field of marine biology but that he may switch to organism biology instead. Since I was ignorant of what organism biology was, I asked Hoc about it and it is pretty much the biology of organisms, such as plants, bacteria, etc. What I found amusing was that Hoc is enthusiastic about getting to the core classes of his major; he is disappointed that he must take many classes prior to the classes that deal with his major directly. It is awesome that he is enthusiastic about his major. Hoc hopes to become a zoologist in the future and wants to work primarily with big cats; he finds them to be awesome!

Hoc's favorite Pokémon
Hoc’s favorite Pokémon

Putting school and the future aside, Hoc enjoys building model kits during his spare time, that is that he builds miniature robots from a robot show called Gundam. When Hoc is not doing this, he can be found playing or watching Pokémon, which is completely awesome! Since I myself am a Pokémon fan, I chatted with Hoc a little bit about it and it turns out that his favorite Pokémon is Luxray, which makes sense since he loves big cats, haha. I told him that I prefer the older Pokémon games, however, because the new ones look kind of ridiculous- he does not share my opinion. Another of Hoc’s hobbies include painting and drawing, and it is because of this that he is considering minoring in art. He told me that if he were not majoring in biology that he would be majoring in art. As I continued to get to know Hoc, I learned that he has traveled to many Asian countries, including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and China, not to mention that he has lived in the American state of Arizona before for two years.

Japan :D
Japan 😀

If Hoc had the chance to travel to anywhere that he wanted, it would be Japan because he finds it interesting and because it has some awesome Pokémon stuff, such as the poké center. When it comes to food, Hoc enjoys egg-rolls, pizza, and sushi, and he will eat pretty much anything as long as the food is not bitter.

Since Hoc loves art and is even considering minoring in it, it is only natural for him not to have a least favorite form of art, although he does favor realistic paintings, telling me that he prefers reality rather than random lines or shapes. What I think is interesting is that so far every single classmate that I have asked “what do you think about this class?” gives the same answer, it being that they thought this class would take place in a classroom where we, the students, would sculpt and paint on a canvas, and not take place in a theater. I am not an exception to this belief, for I too shared it. Since Hoc enjoys art, I am sure that he finds this class interesting. Nevertheless, It is always nice meeting someone whom one shares interests with, Pokémon in this case, haha. I wish only the best for Hoc and that he pursues his career as a zoologist with enthusiasm and that he turns his hobby in art into a minor if not a career. It was nice meeting you, may success and happiness accompany you wherever you go.


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