Week 11 Activity- Sculpture

My supplies
My supplies

It is the eleventh activity of the semester and on this week’s activity, we, the students of Art 110, had to go to the beach and make a sculpture out of sand; well, we had to dig a hole and make a mold out of sand and fill it with plaster, thus producing a sculpture in about thirty minutes time. I must be honest that I was excited when the professor first told us about the activity, but when the time came to do the activity, I did not have the energy or excitement to do it because I was tired from work. I was even contemplating on whether to do the activity or not! Nevertheless, I did do the activity but the results were not pleasant, for the plaster took more than an hour to settle, and when it did, I ruined the sculpture upon trying to dig it out of the sand! Although this project resulted in a failure for me, it was nice going to the beach and enjoying the view as well as the breeze.

Overall, I did not get the results that I wanted but here are the steps that I took to complete the activity. Because I had gotten off from work, I went to my house, grabbed my shovel, a bucket, plaster, my little sister, and headed for the beach dressed in my McDonald’s uniform. Once I got to the beach here at Long Beach, people kept staring at me, I guess it must be weird to see a McDonald’s employee walking at the beach digging holes with a shovel, haha.

The hole protected by its fort
The hole protected by its fort

Anyways, I commenced my labor and dug a hole; it was probably a little too close to the water, which is why my little sister and I constructed a fort around the hole. Once the hole was complete, I stuck my arm in there while my sister filled it with sand. It was actually difficult trying to remove my arm while trying not to ruin the mold. Next, I filled the bucket with water from the ocean and added about three hand-fulls of plaster and mixed the contents with my hand since I had forgotten to bring something to stir it with. Then, I filled the mold with the mixture and talked with my little sister about life as we waited for the plaster to dry. Thirty minutes passed, then forty, and the plaster was still a liquid! It was not till an hour later that the plaster had settled but as I mentioned earlier, I ruined the mold as I attempted to dig it out of the sand… “You fail at life,” my sister said, haha, and then I took her to McDonald’s for being my assistant.

The plaster inside the hole
The plaster inside the hole

I currently do not possess a sculpture but the activity was nice and creating a sculpture from sand is definitely harder than what it seems. I am sure that there are a lot of things that I could have done to have created a successful sculpture, such as create the hole a little further from the water, use pure water instead of the salty ocean water for the mixture, and add appropriate levels of water and plaster and actually have brought something to mix the contents with. As I have said, however, it was nice doing the activity and hanging out at the beach for a while; it was something that I have not done for quite some time. I wonder if my classmates created awesome sculptures or if they too had the same luck as me? I will see this Tuesday as I prepare for the final activity of the semester.


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