Week 12 Student Interview- Sarah Schneider

Sarah and myself!
Sarah and myself!

Week 12 of the semester is here and on this week, I met Sarah Schneider and I got to learn a little bit about her. Sarah was born in La Palma, California, and she is nineteen years of age; she was born in the month of November, two months behind me. This is Sarah’s second year at CSULB and she is studying in heath science in order to achieve her dream of becoming a radiologist: someone who takes x-rays and analyzes them, pretty awesome. A lot of my classmates seem to be studying in the medical field that I find it funny that they all seem surprised when I tell them that I am a Mathematics major. Mathematics can be difficult but I bet that the health sciences is no joke either.

When Sarah is not studying or at CSULB, she likes to hang out with her friends, watch some Netflix, read, or eat- sounds like the life to have! I love reading so I asked Sarah if she had a favorite book but it turns out that she doesn’t; she likes to read popular books whereas I prefer the classics. When it comes to food, Sarah will eat anything except for beans. Her favorite foods in particular are pizza (yum) and the food served at In N’ Out Burger, a restaurant that I have not eaten at before. Sarah jokingly said that has become lazy, for she used to be very athletic, playing in sports such as basketball and track, and participating in karate and bowling. Besides participating in these sports, she likes watching them as well, including baseball and hockey.

Travel, travel!
Travel, travel!

Sarah has traveled to the Philippines and to Mexico but she prefers the Philippines due its awesome weather and beaches. If Sarah could travel to anywhere that she wanted, it would be to Australia because her great-aunt has been there and it looks very nice. Sarah would also want to go backpacking across the European nations- awesome adventures await her. As I spoke with Sarah. I learned that she has younger brother. I asked her if she ever wished to have another sister and she said that she was fine with the way things are.

When I asked Sarah the question “What is art to you?,” she replied that art is a form of self expression and that there will always be critics, but that it is still nevertheless an awesome way to express one’s self. Sarah likes all kinds of art so she has no least favorite form of art. Finally, Sarah finds this Art 110 class to be far more interesting than what she thought it would be when she first signed up for it. Sarah is taking this class as a GE requirement but she still finds it to be cool. This concludes another week of meeting a classmate and getting to learn about him or her. Sarah seems like an awesome person and I sincerely hope that she becomes the radiologist that she desires to be. It was nice meeting you and I wish you the best!


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