Week 12 Activity- Algorithmic Art

This is it, the final activity for Art 110. After my failure at sculpting at the beach with sand and plaster, it was time for my classmates and I to try some algorithmic art. I was not too sure what I wanted to try for this week’s activity but then I decided to try to form a shape out of instructions, a shape which looks mathematical to me. It was not easy coming up with the instructions but I nevertheless managed to come up with some that matched the way I did my drawing, and they are as follows:

1) Use any utensil that leaves a mark (pen, pencil, brush, spray can, etc) and have a surface to mark on

2) Close your eyes and make a shape on the surface

3) Open your eyes and observe your shape

4) Get up, close your eyes and spin for five seconds

5) The way the direction that you end up facing from your original position is how you will draw the same shape on the surface, connected to the original shape

6) Repeat step 5 three times, making sure that you do not end up in the same direction as before once you are done spinning

7) Think of a number from one to ten

8) Fill in the shapes with smaller versions of that shape according to the number you thought of

9) Add extension of the same shape to the outer shapes and fill them in with the shape of the same number that you thought of

10) Stop

Such is the way that my algorithmic activity goes, and the result can be seen on the featured image. I think that it looks pretty awesome, haha, and it does look artistic and mathematical. ch5-575To be candid, I made up the steps of spinning, closing one’s eyes, and choosing a favorite number only to make the activity a bit creative; one does not have to do these things in order to get a result similar to mine. What I was definitely going for, however, was for the result to be an awesome pattern, a pattern that can be seen in mathematics, for I am a mathematics major and such patterns look awesome, like the one to the left.

I think that patterns such as these look amazing and I am content with the result that I got. There could be many variations to this algorithm so it would be interesting to see the results of using other shapes and patterns. This was an interesting activity and I am left wondering what kinds of activities did my classmates do. I will probably take a look at them soon. Well, the final activity has come and gone, and what an interesting way to end the activities once and for all.


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