Week 13 Classmate Interview- Mukesh Sehdev

Mukesh and myself!
Mukesh and myself!

During the thirteenth Thursday of the semester in Art 110, I had the chance to meet Mukesh Sehdev and learn a little bit about him. Mukesh was born in the country of India and he migrated to the United States while he was only two months old. Despite moving to the United States at such a young age, Mukesh speaks his language fluently, something that I found awesome since many people who move from one country to another at a young age usually do not speak their native tongue. Although Mukesh struggled with English while at a young age, he quickly got a grasp on it  due to speaking in English with his friends and taking some English courses. Anyways, Mukesh is twenty-one years old, lives in Cypress, California, and drives about ten minutes daily to come to CSULB, where he is studying in the field of computer science.

During his free time, Mukesh likes to make video-games and make them available on online stores- pretty awesome. While I spoke with Mukesh, he showed me a game that he created, and although it was not exactly very fancy, it indeed looked as if it took a good amount of time and effort to create. According to Mukesh, creating video-games can be difficult since one must know how to code and get everything correct, and even if one has everything correct, some people may still not like the product. Besides making video-games, Mukesh likes to root for the Lakers and watch soccer when he has free time. What I think is fantastic is that Mukesh has been to his native country multiple times while some people (like myself) have not set foot on their native country in years.

A country considered amazing by Mukesh
A country considered amazing by Mukesh

India is only one of the countries in Mukesh’s list of countries he has gone to, for Mexico and England have been some of Muskesh’s travel destinations. Mukesh finds the former beautiful and the latter a country in which he would like to live in the future. Besides his parents, Mukesh has a twenty-three year old brother, and when I asked him if he ever wished he had a sister, his answer was yes because he believes that everything would be much calmer, haha. Mukesh’s favorite food is pizza (delicious) and he does not have a least favorite dish.

When I asked Mukesh what he thought about art, he admitted that he thought it was shameful how an artist’s art sells more when such artist is dead than alive, and one cannot help but to agree. Mukesh does not consider himself a huge fan of art so therefore, he does not have a favorite form of art or a least favorite form. Such is the way that my meeting with Mukesh went. It is interesting to see how people differ from one another every week that I speak with a classmate. It was nice meeting Mukesh and I wish him plenty of success and happiness for his future; may you fare well in that interview and get that job!


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