Week 14 Classmate Interview- Serena Carvajal

Serena enjoying the snow!
Serena enjoying the snow!

Week 14 of the spring semester is finally here and this past Thursday in Art 110, I got to meet and learn a little bit about my fellow classmate, Serena Carvajal. Serena is nineteen years old, was born here in California, and this is her first year attending CSULB, where she is studying in the area of civil engineering in order to achieve a career in construction management. Since there are many forms of engineering, I was not too sure what civil engineering was and upon asking Serena, I learned that it is pretty much the math and physics behind the construction of buildings or bridges- sounds pretty intense. Because this is Serena’s first year at CSULB, I asked her how she was liking college so far and it turns out that she finds it to be awesome, for it is very diverse. Serena decided to live on campus this year in order to get that college experience and although she enjoys it, she will live at home next semester because she misses it and because living on campus can be pretty expensive. Serena is unsure of whether to take physics in the summer at a community college or whether to wait till the CSULB fall semester to take it.

Putting school and academics aside, Serena likes to sleep, watch some movies, and hang out with her boyfriend during her spare time- now that is the life! Serena also likes going home every weekend where she can relax and not worry about homework. Serena has two older brothers; she enjoys being the only girl in the family. Since her brothers live elsewhere, Serena lives with her mother only and her two cats, possibly three cats in the future, haha.

Serena's dream destinations
Serena’s dream destinations

When it comes to traveling, Serena has only traveled to Chicago and because she did so when she was young, she does not remember much about it. If she had the opportunity to travel to anywhere that she wanted, Serena would travel to the Netherlands or to Ireland because she finds the culture and scenery to be amazing, also because she would like to learn more about those countries. What I found funny was that Serena admitted that her mom has traveled to many places without her, going to places such as Rome. Serena speaks English and knows Spanish but struggles speaking it sometimes because of her accent.

Finally, I asked Serena on her thoughts about this class and about art in general; Serena likes this class because she finds it unique and it is fairly easy yet it is not difficult to slack off and fall behind. When it comes to art, Serena believes that anything can be art, such as drawing, painting, or writing. Serena enjoys art that is created with one’s own hands, such as sculpting, which is only appropriate due to her love for engineering and construction; it is no wonder that Serena’s favorite activity was the plaster activity at the beach! I found it nice having met Serena and getting to know her; she seems very friendly and like an awesome person. I think it is interesting that her dream career as a child was to be a construction worker, which is something that I am sure not many little girls dream of being. May Serena maintain her happiness and receive nothing but success in all aspects of her life in the future. It was nice meeting you!


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