Week 15 Classmate Interview- Nallely Silva

Nallely and myself!
Nallely and myself!

The end of the spring semester if finally upon the horizon; it is the second to last week of the semester and the last person from Art 110 whom I got to meet on Thursday at the student art galleries was Nallely Silva, a sophomore here at CSULB. Nallely was born in Los Angeles, California and is nineteen years old but will turn twenty on May 19- happy early birthday! I was surprised to learn that Nallely is majoring in two areas: child development and family life education, because I believed that it would have been difficult and stressful to major in two areas, but because the two majors share similar courses, it is convenient to study in these two fields at the same time. It is obvious that Nallely is searching for a career related to medicine/ taking care of others since her major previous to the ones that she has now was nursing and she dreams of becoming a child life specialist in the future. I was not sure what a child life specialist does so I asked Nallely and I learned that it is working with hospitalized kids, being there to make them and their families feel better; I did not know that such a career existed but it is without a doubt a caring and a heart-warming one.

During her spare time, Nallely likes to hang out in her room, go to the gym to stay healthy, and go to the beach. Because Nallely has been living at the university dorms all semester, I am not sure whether she enjoys staying in her room at the dorm or at her house back in Palmdale. Nallely and her roommate are currently on a search for an apartment because they do not enjoy living at the dorms too much; it seems that it will be difficult searching for a reasonable apartment. Similarly, Nallely is on the lookout for a job, and like she and I said on Thursday, it is very difficult to find a job now a days. I wish Nallely the best of luck with that. In her family, Nallely is the oldest of four sisters and although she wished to have a brother when she was younger, she is okay with the way things are now.

Nallely’s parents were born in Mexico so consequently, Nallely can speak Spanish and

Nallely's tropical destination in Brazil
Nallely’s tropical destination in Brazil

she has gone to her parents’ native country a couple of times to visit relatives and to relax. If Nallely could travel to anywhere that she wanted, she would travel to Spain or Italy in order to explore and learn about the culture or she would go to a tropical country such as Brazil- sounds inviting.

When it comes to art, Nallely seems like a big fan, for she has always wanted to go to art museums to observe the works of art and desires to go to places such as Rome in order to see the ancient architecture that remains there, such as ruined castles and arenas. Nalley’s favorite form of art is sculpting and she does not have a least favorite form of art. Nallely seems to have enjoyed this class, believing that this class was smooth and calm- cannot disagree! Well, I cannot believe that the classmate interviews have come to an end, at least typing them up every week. I thought it was nice to meet different people every week and to see how we all differ from one another and to see what similarities we all have. It was meeting all of these classmates, including Nallely. I wish Nallely the best in her future, and may success and happiness meet her every step of the way.


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