Week 15 Artist Interview- Ashley Gilliam, Amelia Boon, Geraldine Chan, Jennifer Watanabe, Juhee Lee

Ashley Gilliam's anime drawings
Ashley Gilliam’s anime drawings

This is the final artist interview of the spring semester for Art 110 and the funny thing is that I did not interview an artist this week, for the there were no artists present at the galleries that I went to, them being the Dennis W. Dutzi  and the Marylin Werby galleries. Although there were no artists present to interview, that did not stop me from entering these galleries and observing the art of the artists consisting of the 2015 BFA Illustration and Animation senior show entitled “Drawn Out.” The senior show used up all of the galleries and despite viewing the art in every gallery, the ones in the Werby and the Dutzi galleries won my admiration.

Amelia Boon's warm illustration
Amelia Boon’s warm illustration

There were many awesome animations and illustrations present in both galleries and of these belonged to the artist Ashley Gilliam from the Dutzi Gallery, and despite her being absent, I managed to get some words from her thanks to some statements that appeared along with the artists’ names. Ashley’s illustrations featured anime scenes and characters, which in my opinion looked very amazing. According to Ashley’s statement written under her name, she was inspired when she was told that there were no such thing as bad drawings yet had a professor look at her drawings and say that they were poor. The artist says that despite the ups and downs that she has faced along the way, it was all worth it- congratulations to every artist who has made it this far!

Geraldine Chan's dreamy illustration
Geraldine Chan’s dreamy illustration

Two other artists in the Dutzi gallery whose art I enjoyed were from Amelia Boon and Geraldine Chan, and although they most likely differ in what they prefer to illustrate, scenes of nature are depicted on both of their art work. Amelia’s art of a tree on a orange background looks amazing and Geraldine’s art looks playful and sweet with the two characters roaming together in scenes of nature; I simply love drawings depicting the evening or night sky, which is why I even drew some for my index cards. The artist Amelia was born in New Zealand and she loves to draw people, animals and nature; she has a fascination for movement. The artist Geraldine simply states, “Drawing is hard,” haha.

Likewise, there were plenty of beautiful illustrations and animations in the Werby Gallery, but let us focus on the work of a few artists. The one whose art I can relate with the most were Jennifer Watanabe’s walk animation and the dog animation because I myself have done such animations before back in high school, although they were not as professional and clean-looking as Jennifer’s.

Jennifer Watanabe's walk cycle
Jennifer Watanabe’s walk cycle

What I also thought was cool was Jennifer’s comic strip, which although short, looks fantastic and very creative. All that the artist had to say was “Work is good. Sleep is bad,” which I thought was funny. Finally, the artist whose work I loved was created by Juhee Lee; one cannot help but feeling like a child again once one observes her illustrations. One of her illustrations depicted an old man riding a snail through the night, yet the snail looked like the man’s home as well, judging by the light penetrating through the windows and door on the snail’s shell. Another of Juhee’s illustrations that made me smile showed a man using an umbrella as a boat on a body of water during the night, and on this umbrella there contained a mouse on a baguette staring at the man while the man stared back holding a glass of wine. This illustration reminds me of the movie Ratatouille and the man in it seems like Charlie Chaplin.

Juhee Lee's illustration of a man on his snail home
Juhee Lee’s illustration of a man on his snail home

A very beautiful illustration indeed. The illustration done by Juhee that I found the most heart-warming depicted a little girl under a light smiling and hugging her rugged teddy bear while two mice stared in wonder whilst a boy cried in the background after receiving a brand new teddy bear as a present; he did not seem to like it. It is a very cute illustration and it makes me smile. In Juhee’s statement under her name, she states that she does not wish to be famous but that she does wish to please her viewers and warm their hearts with the art that she creates- she has done an awesome job at that. Well done.

What a finale for the artist interview, although I of course did not interview an artist, haha.

Juhee's Illustration of man sharing an umbrella with a mouse
Juhee’s Illustration of a man sharing an umbrella with a mouse

One did not have to interview an artist to see the fantastic job they have done in creating their art, and because I have done animation in the past, I know some things that are done in order to create the animation, whether on paper or an computer program. Animation requires a great deal of patience and it can be hard, that is if one wants to do a great job. Anyways, I think it was pretty awesome to visit the art galleries weekly and observe the art created by the student artists, for I think that it is not something that one would do on one’s own. To be candid, I did not even know that there was an art gallery before I took this class! I am glad to have discovered the art galleries and have observed, interpreted, and admired the countless art that hung upon the walls of the galleries created by their artists, respectively. Congratulations to all these artists and best of luck for the future. Thank you.


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